By embarking upon an Internet strategy, a company must consider multiple key success factors in order to bring its project to realization. Our e-solution expertise is comprised of 5 interdependent areas. The orchestration and interchange amongst these stages are the criteria and essential parameters linked to the success of your internet project:




Project consulting & management.

Result Oriented: The project manager/consultant works closely with the client in order to understand and define the specific & proper needs and results to be achieved by the solution.

Over the entire project life span, the consultant will be collecting and examining the company's needs, processes and information. The consultant's goal will be to advise and guide upon the solution's "best practices". Customer training and support are also included activities of project management.



Navigation Ergonomics.

Second to content, navigation ergonomics is without a doubt, the most important success factor of a website. Our goal is to guarantee intuitive, fluid and user friendly navigation.

Navigation ergonomics defines the ability for the user, be it on an Internet, Extranet or Intranet site, to retrieve and access desired information with ease and comfort.



Web Design.

Your company image is essentially what is at stake; it is what defines how your customers will perceive your company and its products and/or services. We will put our ideas and expertise into web design that will dictate look and feel, company and brand perception and most importantly professionalism in order to present your company as an innovator and leader in its respective industry/sector. Interactive, screen and/or web design is unlike design on paper. Successful web design must take into consideration various aspects and constraints imposed by the programmers, integrators and web usability concepts.




We are works with the most widely accepted technologies and platforms most chosen by major industries and organizations. Above all, e-solutions are designed to expand with companies' needs and future growth. We has devised and implemented an aggressive and forward approach to: accessing; architecting; implementing and testing their e-solutions for modern and innovative organizations.




Your customer's and prospects must find your products and services easily and readily. Many people believe that referencing is uniquely a question of registering a website with the major search engines. Successful referencing depends on many other parameters such as technology used, programming code integration, content quality, site structure, etc. We conceives and develops its websites in order to maximize their referencing in the different search engines. We assure an optimal visibility helped with our efficient marketing strategy.



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