The principal goal of an Intranet is to improve your company's productivity level. In effect, an enterprises' internal communication should be as strong as its level of external communication. The quality and efficiency of this internal communication has a direct impact on the performance of day to day business. This is an area that is often overlooked and taken for granted as not truly being a paramount area of success and growth.

We conceive and develop solutions that improve this "intra" & "extra" work flow by centralizing and standardizing accessible information for each and all collaborators, clients, suppliers, and/or partners and subsidiaries. By designating personalized and specified access to information required for each particular task, job or process, your enterprise enjoys unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity as a result.

Our intra and extra-net platforms coupled with our customized Content Management System Modules will allow:


  • Manage your company's core skills and resources (aided by Document Management).
  • Allow interaction of geographic dispersed work collaborators (aided by GroupWare).
  • Manage and standardize commercial processes (aided by WorkFlow).
  • Automate and standardize partner interaction (aided by Standardization).


Whatever your business obstacles or shortfalls, our consultants will analyze the current situation along with your specific needs and areas of serious concern. They will formulate and consult upon various available or feasible alternatives that ultimately will reduce operating costs while working to allow your company to raise profits and potentially sales as a result. We have definitely entered into a mature electronic age whereby the solutions that are available are economically viable and in fact without a doubt, cost a company more, not implementing them into day to day reality.

Intercollab does not supply off the shelf type products, but rather custom develops solutions for each of its client's needs and budget. Because each company is unique, so will be your e-solution.



  • Managed Site hosting
  • E-mails
  • FTP
  • Calendars
  • Others

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