Allow your Internet site to evolve
at the same pace of your business' evolution!

We are aware that your business is constantly evolvingalong with your business needs. Our Content Management System Modules (CMS) have been developed, designed and are integrated to address and answer those needs. With these tools your company can directly communicate with its clients and collaborators using transparent and un-encumbering technology.

Your company can allow its site to evolve by integrating in a modular fashion, advanced communication functionalities such as:


  • On-line Technical Support, live or via alternative options such as FAQ or chat.
  • Corporate News management, potentially integrated to a mailing list with automatic diffusion to your prospects list.
  • Job posting management tool, allowing efficient management and treatment of recruitment, allowing to build a candidate data bank.
  • Product Catalogues with "client" differentiated price list access.
  • Upload management of documents, or product demos.
  • Automatic re-routing of web site client requests.
  • Marketing campaign management, segmented along socioeconomic target market criteria.



Our Modular Content Management System sets itself apart from the competition by its direct functional integration with regards to marketing, analysis and report generation, allowing your company to communicate more efficiently whilst reducing operating costs and potentially increasing revenues as a result.



  • Managed Site hosting
  • E-mails
  • FTP
  • Calendars
  • Others

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