Electronic Commerce

Specializing in E-commerce, Intercollab will work with your company every step of the way towards a successful Internet strategy. The objective of electronic commerce is simple; to be able to reach and sell to an unlimited market place, without boundaries while reducing traditional interaction costs. According to your specific business as well as the desired objectives that you are willing to achieve, we will design and architect the best and appropriate solution in order to meet your goals.

Our e-commerce solutions address several business issues, such as:

  • Management of period/seasonal business parameters with the ability of changing your catalog and its design with just one click, as accessed by our dynamic module.
  • Price differentiation by customer and/or type of customers.
  • Promotion campaign management.
  • Database integration of existing systems, such as ERP's to your e-commerce solution, which will allow access to several pertinent information such as: stock, billing, delivery and bilaterally communicate.
  • Obtain statistics and information on the e-purchasing pattern of your on line customers.



  • Managed Site hosting
  • E-mails
  • FTP
  • Calendars
  • Others

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